Polestar 2 Price

Polestar 2 Pricing

The Polestar 2 is scheduled for production launch in February 2020. During the first year of production, the Launch Edition will be the only version of the Polestar 2 produced.

Pricing information that follows is from Polestar, and is likely to apply to the Launch Edition. Future versions will cost less, and pricing will be confirmed at a later date.

European price for the Polestar 2

Polestar intends to offer the car with prices from €39,900 (base specs) with the launch edition costing €59,900. At first, the more expensive version (called the Launch Edition) will be introduced with the best specs and equipment (base version is expected a year later).

Polestar 2 price in the USA

Polestar provides guideline pricing in the U.S. for the Launch Edition of $63,000 (before $7,500 federal incentive).

Subscription pricing, if it will be available in the USA, hasn’t been announced yet.

Polestar 2 Pricing in China

Pricing in China hasn’t been announced yet, and subscription pricing will be confirmed at a later date.

When can you order the Polestar 2?

The company already collects pre-orders through its website, but options and pricing details for other models will follow at a later date.

Option choices, such as the Performance Package, will be available when completing an order. First deliveries in U.S. are scheduled for July 2020.